Website maintenance is the most required part to stay updated, top on the list, and fight with the competitor websites. Keeping your website functional is necessary for your business, it involves routine checking of your website for issues, resolve them and make your website updated.

Whenever a customer requires anything, they google it. and if your website is not updated, having issues and it’s not properly developed then BANG, your competitors got all the attention and the customer as well. Or I say, customers. As per online research, 89% of people conduct online research first. People who consider the online purchases of goods and services are likely to end up on your website, But if your website gives a negative impression about your company by your website design, issues, and complexity they face to get your services, they click away.

Your website helps your business to grow your sales, Your website is your digital presence. Let’s consider your website is your sales representative and you sent your representative to meet a customer. When your customer sees a crumpled shirt, rugged trousers, and tared shoes then your customer will close the door. It affects you and your business. Now think, If you are sending a representative who is well-groomed and well dressed, your customer will impress very much and keep enjoying your services. “your website is your representative”.

What website maintenance includes:

  • Testing your entire website manually every year.
  • Testing responsiveness of your website, browser compatibility.
  • Testing your Payment gateway, checkout, forms process.
  • Backup of your entire website to prevent hacking.
  • Review analytics monthly.
  • Version, Plugins, extension upgrades.

We do not have a fixed rate, we quote as per our website, so you can save a lot of money investing on a fixed budget. We charge only as much as it’s needed, we never hitch you with a fixed budget.

Email us your website link at [email protected] and in 24 hours you will receive quotes from us. We quote for 3 months – 6 months and 12 months and chose as per your needs.

Apart from that, Let us know if you need a website or mobile application, check out our services, and get in touch with us.

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